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Hi I'm Barbara! I am the founder and online piano teacher here at Piano Ecademy. Lovely meeting you!

I graduated in 2004 with High Distinction in piano and piano accompaniment from the Academy for Music, Drama and Dance (Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans) in Tienen, an officially recognised music institution in Belgium.

I spent 10 years learning how to read, write, sight-sing and play music in various solfeggio and theory/music analysis classes, training my ears and my musical abilities. I  took weekly piano lessons as well as piano accompaniment classes. I received broader cultural education in music history lessons and even took a couple of years of saxophone lessons.

I have a great deal of performance experience through the Academy, where I partook in multiple performance opportunities every year.

There were piano recitals, large scale musical performances where I sang as part of a chorus in the earlier years and played as the accompanist to other musicians in later. (see video for an example!)

As part of the official examination system in Belgium, I also had to undergo the dreaded public exams every 3 years where you play your exam repertoire on stage in front of a jury of examinators and a live audience.

Perhaps it was the pressure of those public exams that put me off a little, because I took a hiatus from making music for a few years and attended one of Europe's top universities, KULeuven, to study a Bachelor and then a Master in Germanic (English) Literature and Linguistics, from which I graduated in 2008 with Distinction.

I originally planned on becoming a teacher but I met my husband shortly afterwards and instead moved continents to Australia.

While building a life and a career on the other side of the world, I re-discovered the piano and music in my life, slowly but surely re-fuelling my passion for making music and creating an overwhelming desire to share this with other adults. In late 2015 I started taking advanced piano lessons as well as teacher training with highly accomplished teacher and teacher trainer Dr Jan McMillan from Music Moments

In the end, it was my mum, who asked me to teach her how to play piano, who inspired me to pursue a career as piano teacher.

I have been playing and enjoying music for a long time, but in a way, the years that I stopped actively practising have been instrumental in my current path. They taught me an enormous amount about myself, my musical abilities and, perhaps most importantly, my mindset.

I have learned that it's not "talent" that makes you a musician, but rather hard work, dedication and perhaps most importantly, a deep-rooted passion for music. Anyone can learn how to become a good musician.

That's why I established Piano Ecademy, to help other adults find that inner musician and learn to truly, deeply enjoy music making at the piano.

I teach to help other adults find their own musical voice and share that with as many (or as little!) people as they choose. I do that by offering flexible, creative and fun piano lessons that inspire and encourage you to continue to learn and grow as a musician and as a pianist.

If you have any questions about myself, my teaching or how I can help you achieve your piano goals, contact me! 

Our lessons were designed with the adult student in mind, and I'm sure you'll love our flexible approach to taking piano lessons.

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