Learn the music you love

Unlock your inner musician

Central to my teaching philosophy is the belief that everyone is musical!

Learning piano online at Piano Ecademy will help you achieve your goals. After all, it's YOUR musical journey and I am here to facilitate it. You won't lose interest if you are learning what you want to learn.

Right from our initial meet & greet I want to find out your piano dreams so I can start working on making them a reality.

Learning music at Piano Ecademy means getting a full musical education, with special attention to creativity and musicality!

My lessons incorporate:


Classical music, pop, rock, blues, jazz - I incorporate as much variation as I can into your musical journey. I will also teach you how to play this repertoire with physiological comfort and good tone. 


I will help you develop strong aural skills which will enable you to pick out songs and tunes by ear. Nothing says "this is me as a musician" more than improvisation, and I will help you achieve that.


Want to sound like a pro in a matter of weeks? Central to your learning will be a deeper understanding of harmonic structures in music and how to play chords under any melody.


Learn how to decode the dots and squiggles on the page and open up a world of music. Reading music doesn't have to be tedious or scary, with a can-do attitude I can have you reading in no time!


By taking a practical approach to learning theoretic concepts, you can immediately see the link between theory and real music. For the self-learners, I have special theory and ear training software FREE for all studio members!


 Your favourite radio tunes are within reach using  chord charts and lead sheets. I will teach you how to use them to create your own arrangements! 


The better you practise, the more you progress. I will help you establish good practice routines and strategies to get the most out of your limited practice time.


Understanding the (Western) music traditions is key to correct interpretation of piano repertoire. I will help you build your knowledge of Western Music History so you are better equipped to play period appropriately.


Want to secretly show off a little when you start taking piano lessons? That's totally ok! You have a right to be proud of yourself. I offer small online performance circles to help you get comfortable playing in front of others.

What are you waiting for?